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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

This adage could summarize Marina Kaye’s (young) life. Following a complicated childhood, her incredible talent blows up in the face of the French audience who immediately make her a star. She’s only 13 years old. “In this bed where I rest, I’m Homeless” Marina grows up in the spotlight. She lines up success, concerts, albums. Fearless in 2015, Explicit in 2017 and then Twisted that was released in the midst of the Covid lockdowns.

More she’s in the spotlights, further Marina sinks. Her songs translate her despair, yet, despite being successful with her audience, it doesn’t fulfil Marina.

Being constantly judged when I was only a teenager was painful, I learned from it, a lot. From that suffering I now come out stronger than ever”. No, you don’t come out of such (over) exposure unscathed. Today, Marina is (already) 25 years of age, she has spent over half of her lifetime in the spotlights. The teenager has become a young woman, the chrysalis has now emerged as a butterfly. Time to take off again.

This new era comes with a new light in Marina’s life, not the lights of the tv shows nor the concert stages that’s she’s been lining up since she was 13, this light is the light of love. The real thing.

I had a totally wrong vision of what love was, I considered something toxic to be a sort of norm, it’s only whilst I was writing Heavenbound that I came out of this denial. This track marks my awakening.”

It was winter in her life, she’s now in a spring mood.

Colors are brighter, the air is lighter and more breathable. To illustrate this metamorphosis, the track that marks her comeback, Heavenbound.

Laughingly, she says : “With this track, I hope people will remember all the reasons for which they loved me; just better”

It’s not a question of erasing the past, on the contrary. On Heavenbound, Marina worked with the team she wrote with on her debut album back in 2013, Nina Woodford and Mathias Wollo. With the former, half a day chatting about love and its viciousness sufficed to give birth to the lyrics of Heavenbound. Mathias followed the movement and added the music to the words. Along came her long-time friends Yaacov and Meïr Salah (Meya Music), who took care of producing the track. All tailor made for Marina

Love was the trigger. I feel at peace, stable and in total harmony with my new lyrics in which love is the leitmotiv.” The album, in which I fully open up, is a variation on the theme of love, present in Marina’s life today.

Heavenbound is a bit like a first date to which a blossoming Marina invites you.

Let us be seduced.

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