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Marina Kaye

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Why do the bad things feel good

My new single, Why do the bad Things Feel Good is a song that I wrote in 2018 in Los Angeles with Autumn Rowe (we wrote Sounds like Heaven on my first album together) and Tony Esterly. At the time, I didn't have at all the same vision of love as the one I have today. I thought that to feel something it had to hurt and I wallowed in this erroneous thought because I had grown up with this image. The title is the representation of this. I wanted to include it in my 4th album because it’s an album that talks about love and the vision I’ve had of it over the years.

Marina grew up in the spotlights.

She lines up success, concerts, albums. Fearless in 2015, Explicit in 2017 and then Twisted that was released in the midst of the Covid lockdowns. More she’s in the spotlights, further Marina sinks. Her songs translate her despair, yet, despite being successful with her audience, it doesn’t fulfil Marina.

Being constantly judged when I was only a teenager was painful, I learned from it, a lot. From that suffering I now come out stronger than ever”.

No, you don’t come out of such (over) exposure unscathed. Today, Marina is (already) 25 years of age, she has spent over half of her lifetime in the spotlights. The teenager has become a young woman, the chrysalis has now emerged as a butterfly.


Play 'Heavenbound'

April – 2024




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